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63. SWANKVILLE, USA (July 4, 2010)

No 1812 overture in the champagne
this year. i already am having my recovery
from sparklers and shots, Sunday in.

Saturday, July 3rd's expensive adrenaline,
borrowed bourgeoise behaviours. "There's
only one thing one would be doing in a hammock

with that man." Mushrooms?
i wander away from the outdoor
surround sound putting green heated pool

increasingly nude and aggressively so
hot tub ruckus. i peek in the barn doors
of the childrens' rooms. You'd never know

under all the mosquito bites, middle class
masochism they keep TGIF mixers in their
wine cabinet. Their lawnkeeping is impeccable.

They throw great house parties, in absentia.
A few hours peeking at their blue label
and i'm set for the fireworks behind my poor eyes.


bonus! flashback to our twitter/ustream writ group-poem "Recovery Sunday" from a year ago

we have many vices, my friends. i love you.

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